Printable Coupons, Grocery Coupons

Note: You must have a printer in order to access the coupons. You may be prompted to download a small, free software application in order to print your coupons. Make sure your printer is on, connected with your computer, and loaded with paper.

Grocery Coupons Quick Tips:

Where can I use these coupons?

Over 90% of all major grocery chains and over 95% of all grocery stores have an official policy to accept printable coupons as long as they scan properly. Other coupons may be retailer specific and only redeemable at a specific retailer or location.

What do I need to print a coupon?

All you need is a printer. Our partner's coupon printer technology sends the coupon directly to your default printer, so a printer is required to complete the coupon printing process.

Why do I need to install the Coupon Printer?

The Coupon Printer is safe software that enables your computer to build and print coupons that can be redeemed at participating stores. It is user-friendly and completely safe for you to download. If you find you are being blocked, you can disable your antivirus temporarily, install the Coupon Printer, and enable your antivirus and then print coupons. Please let us know if you have encountered this problem. The coupon printer has been certified by the third party privacy organization, TRUSTe as a trusted download.

Check if you have permission to download programs on your computer?

If you using software to block the installation? If you are at work or a public computer, you may not have permission to download programs. You will have to try to print at home if this is the case. If you have a software blocker, just allow the coupon printer to download and follow the instructions.

It tells me coupon print limit reached.

Sometimes you have already printed the coupon the maximum number of times allowed. Or if you are on a network or public computer, someone else has printed it. Hopefully, these tips will help. If all this still fails, go back to the site where the coupon is at and request a coupon by mail or ask a friend to print the coupon for you. If you have any other tips, let me know in the comments.

The program is installed but coupons still won't print.

Make sure you have a default printer set. It can not be a fax, file printer, or PDF maker. It has to be a real printer. Make sure "Keep Printed" option is not check. (Control Panel>Printers>Right Click Default Printer>Choose Properties>Advanced tab).

Coupons printing on MAC!

Here are a few more tips. If you have a Mac and know how to fix this, or if you too can confirm these same issues then please leave a comment.
fxFirefox – well the only thing I was able to print was coupons. About every other time the spinning "S" meaning it was thinking, would continue to spin for ever. So if I hit the back button one time then it seemed to fix its little hiccup.
saSafari – I was able to print from RedPlum,, Betty, and Every now and then there would be a hiccup, and the back button press one time seemed to work. Our friend, who's computer it was, said that sometimes the computer would freeze up all together and the only way to reset it was to unplug from the wall. I do know that back in the spring this year (2010) that did have a pretty big issue with printing coupons from a Mac. I never really saw that it was actually fixed or not. Supposedly here are the requirements of your Mac computer to print (but that still doesn't mean there are no hiccups) – Coupon printing is currently supported on Macintosh OSX 10.3 or higher when used with Safari 2+ and FireFox 2+. - Coupon printing is also supported on Macintosh when using Safari under OS X 10.3 and higher - Macs running OSX 10.4 (Tiger) or 10.5 (Leopard) sourced via >

And do not forget to save money on ink.

Set your print settings to fast print, draft quality or something similar worded. I usually print mine in black & white to conserve my color ink. Internet printables are acceptable in color or black & white. If you want to change your default print settings (windows), Go to "Control Panel", click "Printers", then right click your printer and choose "Printing Preferences." Here you can change the quality to fast draft or quick printing. Your printer may have different wording depending on the model/brand. This will change your default settings.


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